The Fuss around Quick Weight Loss


Quick Weight LossQuick weight loss methods and behaviors are common among adolescents for their various interests. This leads to various weight control means adopted by them sometimes from hearsay or some random reading from web sources which leads to poor health outcomes. But medical practitioners rarely ask young people about their weight control. In fact to study the severity of this, a sample research was done in New Zealand and the results were nothing short of astonishing for the clinicians.

Quick Weight Loss is Not Necessarily Unhealthy

As many studies have proved rapid weight reduction is not at all unhealthy, in fact far from it. In some cases, the need of the hour becomes to reduce a person’s weight as fast and as much as possible. But it must be done in a way, so that body responds positively and loses fat without giving any red flags. There is no quick or slow method to make body stabilize for a certain change, only thing necessary is bodily functions must be able to adapt to the changed habits and environment without any alarming signals.

But medical practitioners rarely ask young people about their weight control methods exercised. In fact to study the severity of this, a sample research was done in New Zealand and the results were nothing short of astonishing for the clinicians.

Unfortunately unhealthy weight control behaviors are common and there is abundant evidence that unhealthy weight loss behaviors lead to poor outcomes for adolescents including effects in mental health. For example, adolescents who used diet pills, vomited, took laxatives, took diuretics, fasted, used food substitutes, skipped meals or smoked cigarettes for weight loss had high levels of depression and were more likely to develop suicidal behaviors into young adulthood. Furthermore, studies found, that approximately 20% of severe dieters (defined as the top third of students reporting calorie counting, reducing food, and skipping meal strategies) go on to develop a new eating disorder. It was found that, In general, adolescents who diet (change how they eat in order to lose weight) are more likely to develop binge eating behaviors and gain more weight over time, compared to those who do not.

Ironically, none of the above weight control methods are in fact in any way unhealthy or bad. It is in their application they failed and body failed to adapt miserably and hence these side effects. People generally attach such stigmas with quick weight loss and term it unhealthy. The above study though sampled in New Zealand, the behavior is same across the world for people seeking fast weight reduction.

Healthy Fast Weight Loss Through the Same Weight Control Methods

The weight control methods need not be very innovative, in fact they have not changed over the years. Only discoveries of few natural elements, unique unknown fruits found their way into our lives through weight loss pills and supplements. Otherwise it is the same old methods.

Fasting : This is the most ambiguous weight control method, often finding at wrong side of weight management efforts. On the contrary, this is the most effective method to lose fat from the body and no other method acts so fast to burn fat from all portions of the human body.  But fasting is a holistic method used in Ayurveda and many ancient Therapies to cure almost all diseases off human body. It is practiced under a knowledgeable person with many limitations to daily lifestyle to give best results. On random application, no wonder it gives horrible results. This method still remains the most effective when applied with knowledge or under supervision. 

Exercise : Again like fasting, this is effective but comes with its own strings. You must know, when to do, how to do, how often to do and how much to do. Very basic and fundamental method, but people often use this haphazardly without any discipline getting only short term results. The common result being immediate deposit of fat just after you stops exercising. The appetite if not controlled after a rigorous period of exercise nullifies the good results it brought earlier. So again this is a double edged sword.

Diet: The only and only culprit, if not due to any hormonal or genetic condition, for obesity being food, no wonder people go back to watch out their diet when trying to control weight. A good measure of carbohydrate and fat consumption could be checked by resorting to a controlled diet. Care must be taken not to malnourish yourself of any important vitamins and minerals. Actually a common sense works far better than resorting to a calorie calculated diet plan. The keyword is “moderation”. A healthy food habit requires moderation in everything you eat, then you may never have to go back to a torturous, monotonous, calorie specific food plan.

Fat Loss Pills: With the discovery of rare herbs and fruits in nature, there are more and more natural weight loss pills available in the market which is quite helpful to expedite your weight loss goals. Small Ayurvedic practices with few herbs are now available in the market as weight loss supplements. Primarily they stop fat deposit on a daily basis and promote fat metabolization by stimulating metabolism in general and enhancing your energy level in the body. They work but should not be misused like they found in the studies.