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Meratol Customer reviewsLike always, people search for a short cut to their weight loss goals and find their ways to various weight loss pills and supplements. So the Meratol reviews by customers mostly hover around the consumer’s expectation on achieving their weight loss goals. So if people find their weight reducing, they say Meratol is working. But Meratol works best for weight loss when little effort is given. But few lucky ones always get surprised seeing miraculous weigh reduction despite doing nothing much physically.

Like every other natural substance, some people are likely to get more benefit than others. The degree of result always varies from person to person considering every human body is unique like its fingerprint. Meratol reviews also came up mixed as it contains natural ingredients which work on human body with a great variance.

Some Real Mixed Meratol Customer Reviews Compiled from Sources

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Started mine 2 days ago. So far it has definitely curbed my appetite. Feel a bit jittery in the morning, but wears off by midday. Will let you know if any results. Am using it in conjunction with gym and reduced calorie diet – just simple cuts made where I can (boiled instead of fried, smaller portions, skim milk etc). Let me know if anyone else is trying it!

[/quote]By Leanne

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3Rd Day Experience

I just bought a months supply and I am on my third day. Had a weigh this morning to see how I was doing and I have lost 3lbs. I am trying to be good as well, as it does recommend this (so could argue that I would have lost that anyway)

The main positive thing for me is that I am not hungry, it really takes away my appetite and it also makes me feel like I have pigged out even after having a small meal. Therefore I don’t have seconds and don’t have dessert. So yes it does seem you have to be good too but my problem has always been eating too much and snacking because I just never seem to feel full. Plus I always think about food but I haven’t in the last few days and I have felt a burst of energy.

If it is a placebo affect then that’s fine with me. Yes it is expensive but spread the 29.99 over the 4 weeks and then think what you spend on naughty stuff at the supermarket!
I don’t think it’s a miracle pill and won’t work for some but as an aid to slimming I think it will help you get past the hard bits. It has made me feel like it will be a breeze.

[/quote]By CharLotte

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I decided to try Meratol recently after seeing a positive review of the product on a national newspaper website. Thus far I have used the product for around four weeks, taking two tablets per day – one at around 8am, and the other at around 2-3pm. I have found the product to have a positive impact overall, and I have lost weight, with snack cravings reduced. It has certainly suited me far better than other products I have tried in the past. One big issue I found with an alternative products was the notable increase in heart rate it caused, which then resulted in me being unable to sleep until the early hours of the morning! I haven’t had this issue Meratol, and in fact I have seen no negative side effects.
I plan to continue using Meratol, and I feel this product is well worth the attention of any who is looking for a helping hand with weight loss. The results are good, and would no doubt be even better if combined with exercise 3/4 times a week.

[/quote]By Bryony

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so pleased with Meratol – it actually works – I don’t feel hungry at all – so no tempted to snack all the time

[/quote]By Spange

Some Negative Meratol Reviews

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I was optimistic that this product might help me lose a few pounds, especially as i am about 4 stone overweight. Despite trying to eat as healthy as possible and taking the capsules as instructed I have actually gained another 2lbs!!

[/quote]By Hels

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Not work for me put a lot of hope but did not do the trick for me so a bit of disappointment for me

[/quote]By Kizzy

As you can see Meratol has the substances to work in theory, and it has helped people fight weight loss through appetite control and better active lifestyle. It enhances your existing effort of weight loss and gives a better result than expected. But for some it didn’t work. There would not be a proper explanation why it works with some people and not with others. You can only explain this with the understanding that every human body is unique in its response to outer forces. It is exactly like a same training regime on a group of people never brings the same result in all the participants.

So you may try your hand for a month and see for yourself if it works for you. Check out the here to buy from Official Meratol site.

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